Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How many co-authors can there be in a paper?

There can be 3-4 co-authors in a single paper.

2.      Do all the co-authors will have to register?

If all of them want to attend the seminar then they will have to register individually and pay the registration fee, else it is not necessary for all the authors in a single paper to get registered.

3.      Will the co-authors get the certificate?

If they get registered and attend the seminar, all the co-authors shall get the certificate.

4.      Is it necessary for all the co-authors to come to the seminar?

No, it is not necessary.

5.      Will the in-absentia be allowed?

No, it is not allowed.

6.      Can we get the certificate, if for any unavoidable reason we are unable to attend the seminar?

No, the certificates will only be provided, if you attend the seminar.

7.      Is it necessary to present the paper to attend the seminar?

No, it is not necessary. You can also attend the seminar as a delegate.

8.      Does the registration fee include accommodation charges as well?

No, the registration fee does not include accommodation charges. You will have to contact us separately for the same. Details are available at the following link:

9.      Can I be accompanied by one more person?

You can be accompanied by as many people you want, but you will have to register each one of them.

10.  Will the paper also get published in the journal?

Only the chosen papers, which get selected by the review committee, will get published in the journal. All the papers presented in the seminar will be published in the seminar proceeding in the form of CD, which will also have the ISBN number.

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